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    advanced bulk storage
    and Preservation System

    We take pleasure to introduce a new modern
    scientific technology called “Silo Bag Storage system”,
    for procurement, handling & storage in bulk

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    Stores grains in a Safe
    Economical and Profitable way

    Hermetic Storage, eliminates the oxygen in silo bags
    until it suppresses or deactivates the capacity of insects,
    pest and fungi to reproduce and/or develop.

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    Perfect for
    organic commodities

    Environmental friendly chemical free storage with no loss of nutrition.
    Moisture preservation and other quality parameters control
    makes this system superior to others. ·

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    You only buy
    what storage you need

    Storage capacity can be increased / decreased
    depending upon actual requirement and
    100 % utilization of the storage facilities

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    Quick, Mobile & Flexible

    The lead time for mobilization in this technology is only 3-4 weeks
    thereby making this 20 times faster, which shall give a big boost to develop
    the storage capability of our country in a short span of time.

About Company

Grain saved is grain produced

Silo Bag India Private Limited is incorporated in March, 2011 after the parent company, Silo Bag Pty Ltd of Australia, to set up a multinational -owned subsidiary aimed for the Preventing post harvest losses and retaining quality of agri-commodities  SBIPL (India) is established in march 2011 and has evolved from a regional concern to a truly global entity. To serve the needs of agri-commodity storage sector with the best Silo Bag international practices and infrastructure in ambient and temperature controlled system across major markets in India. We offer agri-commodity storage solutions to all commodity stakeholders and provide services ambient silo Bag storage & preservation, bulk handling, commodity funding, collateral management, testing & certification, farm level procurement and trading commodities. Silo Bag India follows the same Product and Quality specification as Silo Bag Australia. Silo Bag India is emphasized a new system which stores grains and forage in a safe, economical and profitable way. Our bags are designed to achieve the optimal preservation of grains, in the same field of harvest or any other place you prefer. The bagging process is done by means of a high performance, low cost and easily transportable machine.


Quality is a thing that looses but gains everything. We strive to deliver high quality services that meet the changing need. Our aim is continual improvement of our food safety management system by setting up proper infrastructure, procure & providing services & work environment.


Bring to the world a portfolio of quality food grain that satisfy people's needs. Minimize the wastage of grains and improve the lifestyle of farmers. Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping preserved and support sustainable communities. Our Winning Culture defines the attitudes and behaviors that will be required of us to make our 2020 Vision a reality.

About Silobag

What is a Silo bag ?

Silo Bag proudly introduces a new system which stores the grains and forages in a safe, economical and profitable way.

Our bags are designed to achieve the optimal preservation of grains either at the harvest site or a dedicated storage site The bagging process is done by means of a high performance, low cost and easily transportable machine

    Advantages of the Silo Bag System
  • Eliminates costly on farm storage systems.
  • Very low cost per ton of stored grain
  • The on farm storage of your grains greatly expands the marketing opportunities of the commodity
  • Grains can be stored at a higher moisture content than is allowed in traditional receival systems
  • Store on farm with no wastage or slippage
  • Very low cost per tone of stored grain
  • Storage in a year of high/excess production is unlimited
  • You only buy what storages you need
  • The system is totally portable/relocatable
  • Grains can be stored as to variety, grade, protein or for any other reason to segregate
  • The segregated grains can be easily sampled by means of a conventional sampler
  • Grain retains its quality and colour
  • The bag is airtight, therefore chemicals are not normally required to control insects
  • Perfect for organic commodities
  • Freight costs reduced by negotiating freight rates out of peak harvest times
  • Can eliminate costly harvester downtime
  • Harvest times are greatly accelerated
  • Very quick implementation of large tonnage sites
  • Suitable for both extreme heat and extreme cold climates


A Silobag is made of a three layer film (white-black) with UV protection

  • 3 layers of coextruded polyethylene, 250 microns thick.
  • 2 white layers to make the bag weather proof and act as a UV Filter
  • 3rd layer is black and protects the grain from the sunlight
All bags manufactured from the latest generation raw material. NO RECYCLED materials are used in the formula to create weaknesses in the bags.
Bags are available in diameters of: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 feet.
Length of bags are: 60 metres, 75 metres and 100 metres.
    Bags are suitable for storing many products:
  • Dry Grains
  • Humid/wet grains
  • Forages
All grain bags come with unique bar codes. This bar code provides access via regular smart phone scanning to the Secure Commodities Virtual warehouse.

Grain Types

  • Dry grains
  • Wet grains
  • Rolled/crushed grains
  • Forages
  • Fertilizer
  • Dried fruits
  • Wood chips and many other commodities
By using our state of the art machinery, grain is stored in an absolute anaerobic environment. Once the grain is put in the bag and the bag is sealed one must realize that grain is a living organism. The grain together with other living organisms like fungus, bacteria as well as insects which can go into the bag during harvest, inhibits their own respiratory process where oxygen is consumed, producing an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide. This process assures optimum conservation of your grain over time. This atmosphere keeps stable, preventing not only the reproduction of fungus and insects, but also the increase of the grain’s temperature.
Because the Silobag is air-tight, creating a hermetic storage, chemicals are not normally needed to control insects.

Grain Bagger

The bags are filled by way of a high capacity, low cost ‘bagger”
The baggers have the ability to fill the bags at +/- 400 mt tones per hour
The tunnel of the baggers are designed to be over centre, which has the effect of the commodities pushing the bagger forward automatically as the bags are filled. To correct this process, the baggers are fitted with an effective braking system that controls the rate of forward movement, and in turn, the amount of bag stretching and effective removal of excess air from the bag.
Silo Bags offers a selection of baggers to suit all applications, from dry baggers, wet grain baggers, forage baggers, tractor driven baggers, self propelled baggers (tractor less) and auger less baggers for delicate commodities, in sizes from 6 foot to 12 foot diameter. A bagger for every situation and commodity
You can see a short movie of a grain bagger in action here

Grain Extractor

specially designed extractor is used to take out the grain from the bags easily and efficiently. It cut opens or rolls the bag and lifts the grain to a grain cart or truck at a rate of 200 MT per hour.
The main features of these extractors are they work on all types of grain with 360 degree high capacity unloading auger. These extractors are very easy to transport between locations.
You can see a short movie of a grain bagger in action here

Silo Seala

    Silo Seala
  • Works off vehicle battery in the field
  • Creates the perfect Hermetic seal
  • Saves having to fit "difficult" plastic sealing kits
  • Is much stronger than standard seals; particularly useful when out loading the bags
Simply hook your SILO SEALA up to a 12v battery (use your vehicle or any other machinery/battery that is close by), clamp it onto the open end of your Silobag and adjust the heat setting. Press the red button and wait! You don’t even have to hold it, once in place just wait until the alarm stops, indicating it’s done. Unclamp, move along to the next section and seal again. Repeat until you’ve reached the end of the bag...

Services we offer


Being an integrated part of storage, procurement from farmers is done at the silo bag storage center

Storage & Preservation

Regular Monitoring the quality of food-grains during storage and preservation with latest available systems

Sale of Silo Bag & Systems

We deal in superior quality Silobags, Baggers, Extractors, Grain Cart, Silo Seala and Grain Monitoring equipments

Rental Service

We offer the machines on rental basis if you do not want to buy.

Commodity Trading

We procure grains, store and trade on behalf of millers and traders.

Consultancy Services.

We offer consultancy services on complete silo bag storage systems

Sale of silobag, new & used machinery

1. Akron Max 14

The MAX 14 Grain Carts feature an innovative design, a great sturdiness, and an outstanding unloading speed. With a 400-mm unloading tube, it has a 6,000 kg/min (220 bu/hr) unloading speed.

  • Monoblock chassis with new sliding bottom doors that speed up and/or interrupt the unloading process and allow easy cleaning
  • New and heavy-duty shaft with removable stub axles
  • Prepared for electronic scales
  • Crank-operated vinyl tarp
  • Electrostatic polyurethane paint
  • The MAX 14 has been designed not only to allow a greater capacity and operating performance, but also to meet the foreign markets demands

2. Akron Max 8.5

  • Capacity: 8.5 tons - 10,000 L (2,640 gals)
  • Unloading Tube Diameter: 350 mm (13 ¾ in)
  • Outstanding Unloading Speed
  • Prepared for Electronic Scales
  • Electrostatic Polyurethane Paint
  • Rims for 18.4-30 / 18.4-34 tires

3. Neuf Grain Cart

The NEUF self-discharge hoppers are designed to perform work of transport, loading and unloading of all kind of grains and seeds. Both the hopper and the chassis, are made of folded steel sheet, with integral reinforcements, that give it an extremely sturdiness, and because of its unique design, does not requires maintenance.

The NEUF self-discharge hopper lacks internal WORM sweeper, avoiding subsequent maintenance, since the hydraulic system that owns, raises the rear of the hopper, and “Gravity” makes the grains to slide to WORM or NORIA unloading lift.

1. Akron Bagger E9400D

Store your grain in the field or the farm with the AKRON E9400D 9 foot Grain Bag Loader. Its design and versatility is proven worldwide under the most different conditions storing millions of bushels of the most different grains. The E9400D introduces the Easy-Lift™ cradle with electric winch as a standard feature for easier loading of the bag. Its auger design performs a great loading capacity with low horse power requirement.

  • Grain Bagger – E 9400 D
  • Steady flow bagging performance: 15,000 bu/hr.
  • Tunnel size for bags: 9 feet
  • Power Required: 60 HP
  • Auger Tube Diameter: 16”
  • Hopper Capacity: 8 ¼’ x 7’ (L x W)
  • Thick heavily reinforced auger.
  • Heavy-duty frame built with shaped tubes and and stamped sheets.
  • High capacity loading hopper.
  • Heat treated gears and HD chains in transmission.
  • User-friendly mechanical height adjustment.
  • Rubber flap that prevents grain spill.
  • Wheel configuration that allows either to operate or transport the machine without any wheel position change.
  • Electrostatic polyurethane paint.
  • Tires: 7.50 x 16
  • Hydraulic Brake. Easy to adjust. Precise system.

2. Mainero Bagger 2230

The 2230 model has, as standard equipment, a hopper for receiving material from self-dischargeable trailers. It features a mouth of generous dimensions that eases the operator task.

The filling tunnel features the option of working with 9 ft diameter bags (2,74 m) and 60 or 75 m length (65.6 or 82 yd). Due to its “flattened” shape, facilitates the natural flux of material inside the bags, providing an evenly filling that makes the most of the storage capacity.

The stretching of the bag and therefore its storage capacity, is adjusted through a disc brake system, mounted over both wheels, and the braking force is graduated by an independent pump, manually operated.

To disengage the tractor, even during work (with a started bag) two side support feet are used.

For the assembly of the bags, It comes with a built-in retractable support inside the tunnel, which is in charge of lifting the bag by a manually operated winch.

The transport position is identical to the operating mode, reaching a maximum width of 3.3m (3.6 yd), Moreover, It doesn’t need additional elements to change from one position to the other, just operate the agricultural type hydraulic cylinder from the tractor.

There is an optional kit for the spear transport, consisting of two wheel brackets, a spear and a light set. In this mode, the equipment has a minimum width of 2,16 m (2.36 yd). For this purpose and to transport it easily by truck as well, the working spear is rebuttable.

In order to increase the operational safety, and decrease accident risks, the bagger meets the Agricultural equipment security standards IRAM 8076-0.

3. Zero Energy Bagger

A new technological development, the greatest evolution in grain bagging techniques. Martinez & Staneck S.A. (Argentina) proposes with ZERO ENERGY the most interesting solution for storing dry grains. This machine stores the grain in 9-foot diameter polyethylene bags with capacity of 220 tonnes. The system throws verifiable solutions and advantages as not only completely vacates existing silo plants thus increasing the capacity and operation, but also provides the advantage of storing grain in farm differentiate production quality. Zero energy use is ideal for save delicate seeds.

ZERO ENERGY has no spiral conveyer, which means that grain damage is almost 0% saving costs to farmers as their harvests remain intact while bagging into the polyethylene bags.

Another advantage is that the machine moves alone; Thanks its operative capacity, the machine uses only the weight of the grain (gravity) to unfold the silo without a tractor or motor.

An important feature is that farmers could keep their grain stored in their own fields until needed, so it allows a classification based on quality, so they could be directly stored with no need of previous preconditioning.

ZERO ENERGY the machine receives the dry grain directly into the hopper by gravity and passes through the tunnel into the silo-bag.

As hasn´t spiral conveyer, the seed doesn´t break. On machines with spiral conveyer the grain can break, according to the measurements made by Precop INTA is an average of 2.5% breakages having measured to 4.75%. There´s also in Silograin zero energy an increase in the capacity of the bag filling 10-12% relative lowering costs plastic cereal cubic meter. This system saves time, the filling rate is verifiable, helps protect the environment because it saves energy by not using tractor and takes less poly bags for their compactness.

1. Auger 10"

(a). Self Propelled

All Self Propelled Augers are now fitted standard with Electric Brakes to the road wheels with a self-contained controller so you can tow the auger legally behind any vehicle with a trailer plug. See below for more information.

Illustrated 35' X 10" Self Propelled Auger with optional Adjustable Discharge Spout, Mudguards & Raised Exhaust Fitted

Features mechanically driven auger with maximum efficiency. Self-Propelled and hydraulic raise, lower & steer for fingertip control with ease of operation and ease on the back. Simply sit on the seat and drive around. All moving parts are guarded for your protection & peace of mind. Make the right choice with a Vennings fully self-contained premium quality self-propelled auger. Increased capacity with our larger pickup intake flight. 10" Auger Capable of up to 2 1/2 ton per minute.

(b). PTO Driven

Illustrated 35' X 10" Push Around Shaft Driven PTO Drive Grain Auger Drive Section

A basic third wheel system that takes the hard work out of moving augers. The third wheel system can be fitted to the main axle of most A framed augers. By winding a winch the bottom of the auger is lifted and the weight supported on a third wheel. The auger can then be pulled and pushed around without having to lift the auger. Easily lifts out of the way for road transport. Winner of the inventor of the year award at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

2. Auger 7"

Features mechanically driven auger with maximum efficiency. All moving parts are guarded for your protection & peace of mind. Make the right choice with a Vennings premium quality auger. Increased capacity with our larger pickup intake flight. 7" Auger Capable of between 15-18 bags per minute or up to 1 1/2 ton per minute

A basic third wheel system that takes the hard work out of moving augers. The third wheel system can be fitted to the main axle of most A framed augers. By winding a winch the bottom of the auger is lifted and the weight supported on a third wheel. The auger can then be pulled and pushed around without having to lift the auger. Easily lifts out of the way for road transport. Winner of the inventor of the year award at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

3. Auger 5"

Illustrated 20' X 5" Auger on standard adjustable height frame with motor and cover fitted Although very basic, our 5" augers are fantastic for shifting small volumes of grains and materials. Especially good for hammer mills and grain cleaners. 5" augers capable of 4-5 bags/minute. All the augers include belt, pulleys, pulley cover motor mount and bottom support.

1, 1.5, 2 & 3 H/P electric motors are available. 1440 RPM totally enclosed fan cooled, capacitor start and overload protected. The motor is pre-wired with approximately 2 metres of flex.

The fixed stand is as the name would suggest, set in position with the auger. There is some adjustment in the height, however, for this to be adjusted; it would mean physically adjusting the clamp that holds the auger in place. The frame is an A frame with one support rod, extending to the base of the auger. This is ideal if you do not intend to move the auger on a regular basis. Suitable for 10', 15' & 20' Augers only

Automatic bag packing machine :

This is bag packaging machine including stitching and weighing. Its capacity are different as par requirement. We offer 10kg to 100kg per bag in this system

  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy operation
  • Exceptional performance
  • Suitable for filling 25kg, 50kg and 100kg

  • Silo Bag is made of 3 layers of co-extruded polyethylene film with 220-250 microns thickness.
  • Outer two layers make the bag weather proof and act as a UV filter.
  • Inside layer is black and protects the grain from sunlight.
  • Commodities such as Wheat, Maize, Mustard, Barley, Soya, Ragi, Bajra, all dry spices can be safely stored in Silo Bags from 2 to 3 years
  • Length – 60mtr, Capacity 200MT of Wheat
  • Length – 75mtr, Capacity 250MT of Wheat




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